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Update on the new kitchen

Right, update on the new work space as we are home from holidays and I haven’t cooked a macaron now for nearly 4 weeks!!!
I am delighted with all the building work that was done whilst I was away but I am frustrated I can’t get into my new premises and get started. I have decided to have under floor heating and a tiled floor and upstand to make cleaning the room easy and efficient ( and to keep my feet warm in winter!).
So, just got to wait now for the very busy,and very good,tiler to get the job done and will then be ready in just a few days to get cooking in there.
Looking at the cost of commercial ovens I may have to buy 2 domestic single ovens to begin with and then upgrade when I have saved up again. I have managed so far without borrowing any money, the banks aren’t lending anyway. The whole business as been set up from personal savings,bartering and calling in favours from my amazing friends and family and I am keen to continue as long as possible in that way. If I can set up and make it work during a recession like this one then perhaps that’s a good omen.

The job so far!
And the views I will have soon when I’m in there!


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