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About me

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My name is Louise Dawson and I have been having the most amazing time that started in February 2011 when I took part in a new ITV food programme called ‘There’s No Taste Like Home’. It was on our screens again in September 2012 (after my original episode aired in November 2011) with Gino D’Acampo as the host/chef, and it’s all about old family recipes that are good enough to be served in restaurants! It gave me the push I needed to go back into business doing something I have always loved; preparing great food using only the best ingredients I can find. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t cook and was taught by both my parents and grandparents. Not only did they teach me different cooking skills but also how to grow my own fruit, salad and vegetables. For the business, as well as for my family, I source all my ingredients as locally as possible (mainly Altrincham Market) or from my own garden, and try to recycle as much as I can. I believe this the way many of us would like to live “if only we had more time”. That’s where I come in!!

I am using recycled packaging where ever possible and I am aiming to upcycle as much as I can by using vintage tins, boxes, ribbons and packaging creating truly unique food gifts. They will be the kind of gift I send to my friends now but available for you to send to yours at the click of a button! Simple!!
It means that there will be limited availability of some things especially my “seasonal” products so get them while you can and know you are not buying a mass produced item but something made with love and care.

I tend to have an obsession with a type of cuisine or food and research and cook it until I feel I have perfected it (sad I know!!). At the moment it’s macaron, something I have loved for many years but seen very few of in the UK. After a chance conversation with a friend, it has taken 6 months, many disasters and lots of frustrating moments, but I have finally got there!! What I am surprised about is the response from everyone around me who seem to adore them as much as I do. Hence they are my starting point, as they make beautiful gifts for others as well as a lovely treat for yourself…Customers have commented on the lightness and soft middle that is a surprise as they do not feel heavy to eat. Hence them being very quickly devoured!

Just to mention another great advantage, macaron are wheat free! Something many of my coeliac friends are delighted by as many products out there that are wheat free are less than luxurious , so I have developed lots of other wheat free treats that are available online for “wheat free afternoon tea”!

Please note ground almonds are one of the main ingredients in macaron and so please accept our apologies that we cannot help anyone with requests who have a nut allergy.

Lulu Macaron - Born to Bake