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gluten free cakes

Feedback from a taste of Trafford

As predicted it was a very busy day at the market yesterday and I am about to put the dishwasher on yet again as the clearing and cleaning up is taking forever today. As I thought,I was vigorously questioned about my recipe and production methods for the macarons! I was as helpful as possible without giving too much away but I am amazed at how many people are determined to crack the macaron challenge!! One lady asked if I would give a lesson and I think that would be great fun(apparently there is a groupon offer at the moment of a macaron lesson for £29 !)I will have to look at the logistics and costs involved to see if it’s a viable proposition.
I can feel the business is gradually building and I am cooking more and more each week but events like yesterday are perfect for market research and chatting with customers and I am amazed at how the gluten free products are becoming more widely recognised. A local tea shop came to see me on the stall and they were specifically interested in my gluten free range as more and more of their customers are asking for a choice of gluten free cakes and deseserts.
Perhaps this is te direction the business might take to cater for a growing specialised sector of the food retail market?
You just never know what lies ahead and over the years I have learnt to embrace change and challenges rather than fighting against them as there is normally a good reason behind both!!

Lulu Macaron - Born to Bake