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Taste of Trafford

I am really excited about tomorrow and I always look forward to meeting fellow foodies! My son who helps me on the stall says I talk to much,and maybe I do, but it’s so lovely when people are genuinely interested in our products. The funniest thing is that now macarons are appearing in the media more and on cookery programmes people come up to me to ask me how I make mine as they are so difficult to produce. I don’t mind passing on tips but stop short of giving my exact recipe away,as it took me over 6 months and many disasters to create the macarons I feel are as good as I can get. My recipe allows for a slightly softer middle texture than some as I like the contrast of crisp shell and velvety centre. Strangely I still haven’t tired of trying new flavours,colours,and products using macarons as they are so very versatile. The rocky road I make uses my reject shells rather than biscuit and I have been trying to think of a more appropriate name to convey the more luxurious taste so any suggestions gratefully received.

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