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What to take to market??

Just sat trying to decide what to make for the market stall on Saturday. I like to have a good mixture and had the best 2 days trading yet last weekend. There was a lot more stock than usual and a good mixture of sweet/savoury and also some higher value products which customers seem to be quite prepared to pay for. It’s about confidence I think, and my sons both think I need to charge more!! It’s a fine line between underpricing and not making enough profit to make it worth it and pricing yourself quite literally out of the market! On a general market stall people seem to have a set spending limit and when we do the specialist food markets that doesn’t seem to apply. If you sell to real “foodies” there seems to be an appreciation of the artisan/ handmade aspect of the products and I am seeing more and more of this at both types of markets. Thankfully people are looking at buying more locally and quality rather than quantity which is what market shopping is all about!
A new macaron I made last week sold out really quickly and think I will have to be making more kitty’s this week as well as the fresh seasonal fruit patisseries.




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